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Waxing Prep 101

Whether it’s your first time waxing or you’re one of my monthly regulars, revisiting how to prep before your waxing treatments is always a good reminder. Here are the suggestions I give my clients:

Make sure you’re clean. Shower and lightly exfoliate with warm water (not hot) before you wax.

Do not use any lotions or oils before you see me. If you shower in the morning and you are seeing me in the late afternoon or evenings, then it’s ok to use some lotion in the morning. Just not right before your treatment.

Make sure your hair is long enough for waxing. It needs to be at least 1/4 inch long.

Some women prefer to take an Advil before their treatment.

Others prefer two glasses of wine.

Your pick. Whatever helps to ease the pain.

Stay smooth ladies.

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