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Violetta's Studio at Sola Salons

The spa and beauty industry have made a commitment to creating best practices to provide the clients a high quality of service and to support the professional in growing a successful business. As a result communication, as with any venture, is the foundation of any relationship, business or personal. With this in mind, timely communication allows the clients needs to be arranged to provide a seamless and professional experience. This also will allow the professional to prepare his/her schedule to ensure that client receives undivided attention.



Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior your appointment. If you are late, your session will still end at the time allotted. 



If a reservation must be cancelled or rescheduled, we require it to be done at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled service time. Full service charges will be applied if you fail to contacts us or do not show up for your session. Same day cancellations or rescheduled appointments will be charged 50% of your scheduled price. Full and 50% service price client’s will be charged with a credit card on file. Any daily deal voucher or prepaid service in our system will be redeemed and therefore forfeited. If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment please call us at 224-828-2251



Our pricing and promotions may be subject to change without notice. Promotions cannot be combined.


Cell Phones

To ensure a tranquil atmosphere, we ask that you turn your cell phones off while in the Sola Salon Studios building. If you are expecting an emergency phone call, please let your technician know and turn your cell phone on vibrate.


Method of Payment

We accept all major credit cards, debit cards, checks and cash.


Thank you for being a part of Violetta's Studio and

helping us continue to provide the best quality of service.




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