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Brow Lamination 


Brow lamination is the latest and hottest brow trend in the beauty industry and a great alternative to microblading if you’re not ready to commit just yet.  Brow lamination creates the look of full, fluffy brows in one simple session by realigning the direction of the hair growth and enhancing the brow shape.

The service includes precision brow shaping, lamination, and a tint is applied to enhance the look!

Brow lamination is an excellent option for people who have thin brows from over-tweezing, have gaps in their brows or want a low-commitment option that will give them a voluminous set of brows.


The results are fabulous and visible right away, providing instant gratification.


The lamination will lasts up to 8 weeks.


After Care

- Keep your lashes dry for at least 24 hours

- No swimming for 24 hours

- No steam (no saunas, hot tubs, steam showers) for 24 hours - Brow nourishing serum is recommended

Brow Lamination           $125

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