Eyebrow                      18

     Chin                             10

     Lip                                10

     Sideburns                    15

     Full Face                     45

     Full Arm                     45

     Half Arm                     30

     Underarm                   20

     Shoulders                    25

     Full Leg                        65

     Half Lower Leg           30

     Half Upper Leg           35

     Bikini                           28

     European Bikini        45

     Brazilian Bikini         50

     Back                         44 - 65

     Chest                       40 - 60



Waxing could be the most personal service performed in the beauty industry. With every wax the client is extending a trust that is usually reserved for the doctor-patient relationship. Violetta's Studio provides a safe, private and clean environment to meet our client's needs. We offer premium hard and soft wax procedures. The waxes are performed in a sanitized and disinfected atmosphere.


Whether this is your first time or waxing is a part of your personal healthy lifestyle plan, your comfort and safety are our first priority.