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Night Out On The Town... Just Kidding

Many people shudder at the idea of staying home on a Saturday night. But is there really any shame in giving yourself a night off to fully recharge??? MO! Women often feel guilty or uncool staying in, but flying solo on your couch allows you to catch up on your favorite

show (maybe it's Saturday Night Live and you've been dying to get a chance to have a good laugh all week), reflect on your past week and the week ahead, and get a good night's sleep. Because let's be honest, we're all in desperate need of one. You're not being side-lined or benched; you're simply giving yourself the down time you deserve. There will always be next weekend to catch up with your friends or work till you drop. There will always be another party to attend. This weekend, this night, is your night in. So if you feel lame about staying home, think again. . Doing absolutely nothing is just as much of an act of self-care as choosing the healthier item on the menu or scheduling your bi-weekly mani. Throw yourself a house party- a party of one.

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