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Bikini Vs. Brazilian

Let's discuss the B&Bs of waxing today.

Ladies new to waxing tend to start with a bikini wax. It’s the first ‘dip your toe in the water’ wax service. In a bikini wax, the edges of the panty line are waxed away. A bikini wax is more of a clean-up and comes with little discomfort.

Then there is the Brazilian wax. A Brazilian takes everything off, and we mean everything. From the top of the bikini area to between your cheeks, all of the hair is waxed off. The Brazilian can come with a little discomfort (only for a few seconds in the sensitive areas).

With both services, warm wax is applied to the area and once set, it’s quickly removed to pull the hair out from the root. We have different types of waxes which we’ll discuss in a later post.

During both waxing treatments, it’s essential for you to feel comfortable. Working with a professional in a comfortable setting is the key to staying relaxed. If you are interested in getting smooth for Spring Break, or just because it’s a Wednesday night, let's connect. You’ll feel comfortable and at ease in my private salon. Stay smooth my friend.

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